in Primary school

Psychological counseling

in Primary school

The psychological counseling service in the primary school is available every day to parents, teachers and pupils.


Our service aims to create opportunities for exchange and discussion with parents about the schooling of their children, focusing on the experiences and needs that children have in school. The intent is to contribute, in a continuous school-house, to the creation of a "real learning environment" designed to enhance the potential and the resources that each child possesses.


The service provides a space for listening and acceptance of children's needs, support for the normal development process, transforming a simple learning process into an experience of growth and personal enrichment.
It also helps to be able to give a "hearing to the class" eventually creating tailored interventions designed to address and clarify the difficulties that children may normally encounter in school both learning from and with respect to the emotional and relational scope.


Teachers collaborate with each other and with experts from the consulting service to develop teaching strategies and educational activities aimed at improving the classroom climate in order to promote an effective learning process.

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