Primary school


Academic Curriculum

The primary school "M. Montessori "is a private school for the needs of Europe. The five classes do not exceed 15/18 students, allowing teachers to follow each child's progress individually.
A teacher will generally focus for 24 hours per week, on the teaching of the Italian language, mathematics, history, geography and science.
Several specialist teachers - "experts" in their fields - further improve on the education provided, dealing with matters which require specialist skills: English, French, music, physical education, art and computer science.
The purpose of our school is to foster education as a priority -as "integral"  to every child - creating an environment in which one can learn and acquire skills, whilst not neglecting the emotional and relational aspects of childhood progression, with a view of both education and wider growth.

The method

Our school is inspired by the Montessori pedagogy while not being constrained by the usage of only the Montessori materials.
The principles are focused on treating every child as a person responsible, independent and intelligent. "Help me to do it myself" is the request made by the very nature of the child. The teaching method is therefore characterized by:

  • freedom of the child to know their own abilities and for them to work on them and to respect that;
  • the estimation of their potential;
  • the application of their skills in practice.

The teachers turn their attention to the child as a whole, giving equal value to the acquisition of the program in its part played in the harmonious development of personality.
The proposals elaborated in the curriculum are therefore aimed at highlighting the individuality and the "singularity" of each child so that he can express himself better and to enhance their abilities and skills.

The timing

The school is open from Monday to Friday with the time structured as follows:

  7.30 – 8,30       preschool
  8.30 – 13.00     educational activities
13.00 – 14.00     lunch
14.00 – 16.00     educationale activities
16.00 – 19.00     after-school and / or optional courses

Foreign Languages

The training of primary school includes the study of two foreign languages, English and French.
The number of hours dedicated are 3 to 4 per week respectively , during which the priority is the focus on "real" communication, in this way, through the "global method", children progressively and naturally learn the language.
In particular the methods used are: group games, TPR (Total Physical Response) animated readings, songs, games, visual memory, art & craft, etc.
For older children the grammar is inserted gradually following a natural path similar to learning a first language.
The achievement of these objectives is promoted by the activation of a laboratory of bilingualism, during which the activities take place simultaneously in English and French, and the courses offered outside school hours (see optional courses).
The teachers also start preparing for the achievement of international certifications such as Cambridge and Delf (see optional courses).

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