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Optional Courses

OPTIONAL COURSES in extra-school timing

In broadening the training offer, the school "Montessori" is organizing a series of optional courses starting from 16.00.
The objective of these courses, which outside children also allowed to attend, is to offer open teaching and training which becomes a positive experience for the children.
The various activities are divided into:

  • sports
  • artistic activities
  • foreign languages



The course is held once a week from 16.30 to 17.30 at the pool Libertas SAFA. Children are accompanied by our teachers and supervised until they return to school. 


Judo is the type of sport able to give your child the best chance to achieve proper mental and physical development. Through a correct program of physical activity-games, children have the opportunity to hone their motor skills by improving coordination, balance and reflexes, but also learn discipline, self-control and sense of responsibility.
Classes are held at school twice a week.



The course aims to guide the student towards a type of communication other than verbal. Learning to play means to develop creativity, autonomy in learning, the ability of criticism and self-criticism, how to co-ordinate their movements and therefore develop a sense of rhythm.
The course includes:

  • exercises on reading musical notes
  • setting of the hand
  • execution of technical exercises
  • execution of studies and pieces of classical piano literature

The theory and music theory will be placed within individual lessons as an indispensable basis for each financial year, or track to play.
Classes are held at school twice a week.   

“Born artists”: art school with tuition on the technical aspects of drawing and painting

In this way, art and creativity are accompanied with the learning of artistic technique, to enable the production of real works, under the expert guidance of a true artist.
This course takes place at school once a week.


Afternoon courses are organized and managed by the same teachers that are present in the morning, and their purpose is to deepen the preparation and set up the Cambridge and Delf exams.
Both of these certifications are structured according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for knowledge of languages), which is a standardized system for describing the level of knowledge of foreign languages in Europe.
The CEFR is structured into three areas of expertise (base, autonomy and mastery) and six levels, each of which describes in detail the ability to understand and communicate a particular language.
The 'Montessori' school is one of the few in the area that prepares children "under 10" for the first level of competence (A-"base") and its two levels: A1 (baseline) and A2 (elementary level), and for the Cambridge exam for the KET for schools (A2/B1).
Normally, accessing this level of tuition is reserved for those at middle school or above.


"Story Time" Course
This course is dedicated to younger children to help learn English with creativity and imagination, listening and inventing stories, old and new.
Preparatory courses for Cambridge exam

  • STARTERS course        A1 basic level
  • MOVERS course           A1 basic level
  • FLYERS course             A2 elementary level
  • KET for schools            A2/B1


"Les Petites Chef" Course 
A cooking course conducted purely within French in order to facilitate learning, but through fun activities.
Preparation course for the DELF Prim

  • level A1
  • level A2
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