Method of organisation

Nursery School

Method of organisation

The nursery is made up of 4 sections according to age:
CHICKS (2-3 years), BEARS (3-4 years), SQUIRRELS (4-5 years), and HARES (5-6 years).
The homogeneous age groups allow us to accurately design tuition and be attentive to the specific requirements that children of different ages have.
Each section is monitored by a suitably experienced and qualified teacher, who will be in charge of teaching and management of children, supported by a classroom assistant.
In each section we welcome a maximum of 15-20 children.


The nursery is open from the beginning of September until the end of July (see Summer School), is closed on Saturday and public holidays established by ministerial calendar (see Home page).

Our day

7.30-9.30Flexible entry, registration, and classroom assistance by teachers followed by a morning snack

9.30-11.30 Teaching activities with assistance of teachers within the classroom. (see POF)

11.15-11.30First parental collection time

11.30-12.15 Lunch with canteen meals, providing fresh food under teacher supervison (see Services)

12.15-13.15 Toilet interval with assistance of teachers as required. (e.g. w ashing hands, teeth and changing) (see POF)

13.15-13.30 Second parental collection time

13.30-15.45 Teaching in the classroom with supervison of teachers, or afternoon rest (see POF)

15.45-16.00 Third parental collection time

16.00-19.00 After-school activities, activities and games including afternoon snack, and flexible exercise under teacher supervison. (see Services)

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