Optional Courses

Nursery School

Optional Courses

The unique features of each child can be built upon and combined with teaching of a whole range of other basic activities, which are chosen together with the family in order to enhance and personalise your child's experience.
Optional activities are offered during school hours and are available throughout the year.


The course is designed to gradually introduce the kids to water, setting the lesson according to a natural and spontaneous approach. The children are taken to the pool by mini-bus by their teachers.


Music is a tool to develop creativity, curiosity and discipline.
The course is an opportunity to revise the first sounds heard by the childen, to let them then hear melodies through the body and involve them in the fist forms of singing, in order to discover sound.

Gymnastics Motor

Multi-sensory activities that aim to create situations of play, movement and expression enable children to discover, know and then cultivate the ability of their body.
Due to its nature, the course is also suitable for younger children.


Judo ranks among the sports that most facilitate the achievement of a adequate mental and physical development.
Through a correct program of physical activity-games, children have the opportunity to hone their motor skills and coordination, balance and reflexes, but also the discipline and self-control.

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