"M. Montessori" School in Turin

"M. Montessori" School in Turin

"... Help to do by oneself ..." (M.Montessori)

Childhood is a stage of life in which a young person's mind absorbs the character of their surrounding environment, using these influences to shape their own world, and allowing them to grow naturally and spontaneously without any cognitive effort.

The biggest achievement for a teacher is able to say "... the kids are working as if I did not exist ..." (M.Montessori).


Who was we?

The "M.Montessori" school was founded in 1956, as a classic 'Montessori' school and has maintained these principles since the 1990s.


About us

The "M.Montessori" school today is a secular private school inspired by the 'Montessori' system.

The school contains both nursery and primary school, a playing field, and provides a full European education (with lessons in both English and French from two years of age), all within a single facility at via Migliara 7 in Turin.

The school's tutors are drawn from a wide-range of backgrounds - providing different skills and perspectives - all working together with the common goal of seeing children grow in harmony and gaining life-skills. And situated in a serene environment which even better allows pupils to express themselves.

We have retained many of the principles of the 'Montessori' methodology, but the concept of accepting all children as being unique, is of central importance to providing a beneficial educational experience.

Our project is driven by the passion and motivation to ensure that children are able to grow at their own pace, allowing the wonderful potential of each child to be fulfilled.


A Montessori school is a serene school...

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